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About Arrabon Academy

Through study series and action-oriented learning cohorts, Arrabon equips leaders and institutions to pursue reconciliation in thought and practice by providing formational resources that shape the mind, heart, and imagination for Jesus, justice, and reconciliation. Our work goes beyond conveying facts and figures—our aim is for people and organizations to experience transformation, not just receive information.

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Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God

This 9-week study series will walk you and your group through an overview of God’s heart for reconciliation as shown in Scripture, while exploring our habits, patterns, and an introduction to the history of race, class, and culture. You’ll consider five practices of a reconciling community, and be inspired to incorporate them in your own life. Through videos, discussion questions, prayer prompts, a facilitator’s guide, and even a soundtrack for worship and reflection, this series is an excellent resource for beginning or furthering the conversation around reconciliation within your community.

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